Saturday, May 16, 2015

The Many Things I've Learnt from Isabelle Lightwood

Hey guys!

As I mentioned in my Fictional Characters I Want to Have Dinner With post, I've learnt so much from Isabelle Lightwood. For those of you who don't know, Isabelle Lightwood is a character from the oh so fabulous series, The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare.

Nothing less than 7 inches

That's her motto guys and I completely agree with her. High heeled boots are life.

Whips <3

Isabelle has this amazing whip and it just does wonders; both as an accessory and as a weapon in battle. It's just gorgeous to be honest.

Be pure at heart

It repels the dirt. She may have meant it literally, but let's just go all English Lit class here right now. :D When she says dirt she could be talking about every little nasty grossness in the world. Such as awful people who don't care for how you feel and treat you horribly.

Be fierce, defiant, seductive, and confident

She literally is each and every one of those and she inspires me to be those things.

It's best to be fierce. Be fiercely fabulous guys!

Be defiant. Don't just give in to whatever anyone says. Okay, don't go too defiant where you end up in jail. But don't just sit there not giving a rat's ass about anything. If it's important to you, stand up and have your voice heard!

Be seductive. Why wouldn't you want to be seductive? Get those guys to follow you around and do whatever you want. Have them treasure the ground you walk on! Be a goddamn goddess!

Most importantly, be confident. You're not going to get anywhere by being a doormat okay? You need to be confident. What I've learnt in my personal experience, is that everyone loves confidence. They respect you for it and like you more as a person, unless you're mean of course. But seriously, be confident!

You're never the same after your heart's been broken

Getting your heartbroken is a completely and utterly horrible feeling. That's why it's called being brokenhearted. But you'll heal. Time can heal almost everything right? But seriously, Isabelle knew that hearts are easily broken, but they'll heal. The only thing is that, after being healed, you'll never be the same.

Don't waste a perfectly good brick wall.

If you're pissed or upset and you have a perfectly brick wall there, don't let it go to waste. Grab stuff and throw it against the wall. LET OUT YOUR RAGE! It's satisfying I believe. I'm not sure seeing as I've never done it myself. But when the opportunity arises, I definitely won't let the brick wall go to waste.


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