Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Prophecy of the Sisters Review

Hey guys! I finished the book Prophecy of the Sisters by Michelle Zink awhile back but never got to actually right the review so I'm doing this now! :P I would be reading the next book in the series but I was silly and packed it in the shipping box instead of laying it aside. I have all three books in the series. :P There are three novellas in this series too! I can't wait to find them. I think I might go hunt them down soon.

Book Cover:

The book was amazing! There are so many mysteries and I love to guess what the answer to the mystery is so I just keep trying to figure it out and then there would be a turn in the road and you find out you're wrong and oh it's just so thrilling! :D I feel soo soo bad for Lia with what happens to the men in her life. I wish she would tell James. I don't know how she stays so calm. I'd be freaking out if I were in her place. I still secretly wish I were in her place though, no matter how awful it'd be.

With Alice... I thought she was a great sister in the beginning, because all everyone has flaws and no matter how distant she may be she still is kind to Lia... Well in the beginning that is. After a while, I started to feel hatred in her. How could she do what she's done?! To their cat?! To Henry?! To LIA?! Gosh... She just made me so mad.

Lia is sweet and so loving. She's a typical nice-girl-with-weird-thing-going-on-and-has-no-idea-what-to-do YA character I suppose. But still amazing. Of course there are characteristics that some others don't have.

Michelle Zink is so imaginative. I wish I could come up with something as good as this! I love this book. I honestly feel like this should become a movie! :P And like nearly every fangirl I would love to act in it as Lia! Of course I wouldn't mind being Alice. Okay, back to the story.

The description was great. There weren't any spelling mistakes or grammatical ones - yes I've read books that had some! Her characters were perfect.

I love the cliffhanger in the end! It made me want to grab the next book and find out what happens right away, but like I said I couldn't.

Did this meet my high expectations? Yeah it did. Michelle did an amazing job.

Would I recommend this and to who? Yes I would. Anyone who loves YA, mysteries or paranormal should read this.

That's it! Bye!

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